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Remember, all inspection companies are not created equal.  Always ensure you are comparing apples to apples.  Angie's List and Consumer Reviews reports a national average cost for a home inspection between $375 - $550.  Price too low, buyer beware! There are many times when buying a "generic" brand is just fine.  Making a large investment in your home and trying to save a few inspection dollars to go with the cheapest company out there is not one of those times!  We offer the most competitive rates that allow us to uphold the quality standards we believe you deserve.  Nothing More, Nothing Less! 



Priority Inspection Typical Home Inspection costs:

Single Family Home inspection fees usually range between $375 - $425

Duplex Family Home inspection fees usually range between $450 - $495

Condo Home inspection fees usually range between $250 - $325

Radon Testing fees $125 - $150

Commercial & Industrial Properties - Call or Email us for a quote

We're in this together!  If your home purchase does not go through the first time we offer a DISCOUNTED RATE on your next inspection!  Another Priority Inspection Difference!


The above is a typical pricing range for standard inspections we have seen.  In order to provide you with an exact fee our team needs some general information about the home you want inspected.  You can call or email us anytime with the details and we will assist you with a firm quote for any of our services.

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